Policing the Police

In recent news it has become obvious that police reform is necessary to protect the public from the minority of law enforcement officers who choose to abuse their authority by murdering, assaulting and terrorizing the public. Rather than simply enforcing laws with common sense some choose to choke, tase, assault, and even kill unarmed civilians who pose little to no real threat against the officer.

Of course an officer has the right to defend themselves, but that is not a special right given only to certain people – it is a human birth right extended to all people; therefor, an officer of the law ought to be held to the same standards and laws that a random member of society is held to. If you are not allowed to choke an asthmatic man to death over a minor dispute, then Officer Daniel Pantaleo shouldn’t be allowed to either.

If we can’t trust that officers will be held accountable for murdering us then eventually we will be forced to defend ourselves from violent, criminal “peace keepers”.